GlaveKocen Gallery

GlaveKocen Gallery, named after the owners, Jennifer Glave and BJ Kocen, is a contemporary fine art gallery in the heart of Richmond, VA. I visited Jennifer and BJ and showed them my abstract art in the fall of 2018. They gave me great advice from a gallery perspective and were so supportive. I received and email from Jennifer inviting me to participate in their Small Works Show. I was excited and proud to be part of it!

Opening night was all a buzz. Despite another Friday night of rain in Richmond, there was great turnout. GlaveKocen is known to have fantastic opening nights and Richmonders know it!

My paintings! 2 landscapes and one abstract.

The very talented and my dear artist friend, Theodora Miller was part of this show also. I was happy to share wall space with her! Other favorite local artists such as Sarah Gayle Carter, Ed Trask and Helen Reed had art in this show.

Theodora Miller and me having fun at opening night!

Ruth and Ollie was also well represented at my show! Blair, Heather, Joanna and her adorable son, Freddy helped me celebrate.:)

Ruth and Ollie friends

A great way to begin 2019! Thank you, Jennifer and BJ for inviting me to your Small Works Show!










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