Willey Abstract

The historical Fan district homes are known for their beautiful architecture. High ceilings, crown molding and beautiful wood floors. Lots of wall space provides an opportunity to hang large abstract paintings!

The Willey family’s home is on Park Avenue on a perfect storybook block. They needed a large painting for the top of their stairs. A focal point in their home.

We scheduled a consultation and I came over to their home to see their decor and colors. Rich blues, tans and gold were all around their dining and family room.

I loved the large windows in their dining room inviting beautiful natural light.

I taped off a 36×48″ and a 36×36″ (the best I could with my height!) to give the Willey’s a visual of what the art would look like on their wall. We decided the longer worked better with the steps. Also, instead of one large canvas, a triptych would work best to break up the vast space and connect with the windows in the dining room. (see photo above)

Here is the finished painting in my studio! Time to take it to the Willey Family!!

I love when clients are as excited as I am about a painting delivery! The best assistant ever, my husband, Rob helped me show them on the wall.

Waiting on the professionals to hang them!

Finished! What a difference original art makes on the wall! I am so pleased with how it turned out! Thank you to the Willey Family for this commission!! xo

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