Modern Traditions Interior

Richmond, Virginia Interior designer, Stephanie Theofanos founded Modern Traditions Interior, LLC in 2012. After she oversaw her own home’s renovation in the historical Fan neighborhood she decided to pursue getting her Interior Design certificate from the University of Richmond. Since then she has redone countless homes around the area and has made a big impact in interior design.

Stephanie was working with a client in the Hallsley Neighborhood in Midlothian, Va. Her client needed a painting for the wall between the kitchen and dining room. I met Stephanie at her client’s beautiful home to see the space, decor and colors. The family had a strong connection to their Greek heritage and turquoise was a big part of their color palette.

Turquoise is for that gorgeous water the Greek Isles are known for. I used silver and gold leaf for the reflections and white buildings. And added a bit of red representing the red roofs sprinkled along the water.

The finished painting in my studio.

And on the wall. Just in time for the family’s Easter celebration! Thank you, Stephanie for this commission! xo

Greek Isles | 48×36″ | Oil, silver and gold leaf


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